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Small business starter plan
10 Monthly
  • 2 campaign maximum
  • Unlimited auto - promoted posts
  • Unlimited ad budget


For most needs
20 Monthly
  • 5 campaign maximum
  • Unlimited auto - promoted posts
  • Unlimited ad budget


For agencies and larger business needs
30 Monthly
  • 10 campaign maximum
  • Unlimited auto - promoted posts
  • Unlimited ad budget

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How will I pay for my advertising created via AdYeet?
When using our platform to create your ads, nothing will change with respect to payments: all the Facebook advertising managed and created via AdYeet will still be billed by Facebook with the billing options you set up on your advertising accounts. What you’ll be paying us is the subscription for the use of the platform.


What if I decide to cancel my AdYeet subscription?
If you no longer wish to use AdYeet, you can cancel your subscription any time and your subscription will stay active until the end of your current billing cycle. All the campaigns created through AdYeet are active and visible, and you can manage them through Facebook Ads Manager when your subscription expires.


What level of knowledge is required to use AdYeet?
If you have ever created an ad or boosted a post on Facebook, you know enough to use AdYeet and never do it again yourself.


Can I edit the campaigns once they have started?
Yes, you can use our tool to edit campaigns anytime.


If I edit the ads or campaigns on FB ad manager, will AdYeet import those changes?
We don’t support campaign or campaign change importing from FB yet.


What happens if I post more than one post a day?
The chosen budget will be split among as many or as little posts as you publish.


None of these answered my question, what should I do?
Send us your question at or via the contact form below.

About Us

We have worked both on client and agency sides of advertising so we know how tedious ad creation and post promotion can be. To help ourselves and everyone else we decided to create an automation tool for that.

Ivars Auce, co-founder of AdYeet

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