Facebook post boost & advertising for restaurants – best practices

It’s good to know that you can automate your Facebook post boosting with AdYeet for your page, but when it gets to targeting, it can get a bit more complex.

So, here are our suggestions for advertising (post boosting) for restaurants, cafes and similar businesses.

Boost your post locally

If you operate a lunch buffet, your targeting should be super local – at most, 1 km or mile radius from your business, since most of your customers will want to have their lunch break in a place that is within a walking distance.

In rural areas or in some other very specific cases your advertising radius could be a bit wider, but be cautious – you don’t want to spend your advertising budget on people who physically can’t become your customers.

In case you focus more on fancy dinners, your radius can easily be wider, because people will travel much more to have a wonderful dinner experience. Just keep in mind, that with every step further from your location decreases chance of reaching your customer. For example, 5% people in 1km radius of your restaurant are likely to regularly have dinners at your establishment, but if you look 10km away from you, this percentage probably is well below 1%.

Add pixel to your restaurant’s website

Who better to target, than people who have been interested in your business enough to visit your website? Exactly, it’s hard to come up with an answer.

First, you will want to retarget people who have visited your website in last 180 days.

Second, you’ll want to reach out to people who are most similar to those people, so don’t forget to create a lookalike audience of your website visitors. Keep in mind, that lookalike audience will be pretty big, so limit it by location.

Use Facebook engagement data to boost your posts

Another audience to look out for is people who have engaged with your business on Facebook – make sure that they continue to be up to date by targeting custom audience of your Facebook page’s engaged users (you can use data of up to the last 365 days).

The same approach as in website visitors can be used to engaged users – create lookalikes of engaded users and, again, limit by geography.

Target wealthier users if you operate an upscale business

In case your prices are well above average, you’ll want to limit your reach to people who are better off.

Facebook doesn’t let you directly to target people by income anymore, but you can use other signals and target people who are frequent travelers and/or use most expensive smartphones.

Plan, test, reiterate

As with everything, your first try won’t be a home run, but that’s what differs winners from losers – winners don’t quit. Create first campaigns and look for signs – revenue, website visits and even engagement.



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