Automatic Facebook post promotion – why it’s great

Before we built our automatic Facebook post promotion tool, for a while we boosted (Facebook’s word for “promoting”) our client’s posts by hand. Later we started doing this internally at our agency on automation basis. Here are our reasons why we think this is a great solution for any business. 

Posts need to be promoted

Due to Facebook’s policies and algorithms most of posts reach less than 10% of people who have liked or followed a Facebook page – this essentially means that to reach your customers you have to pay, one way or another. 

It saves time

Promoting (boosting) each post takes time. The more posts you publish, the more you spend time boosting them. Math here is simple – more posts = more time on promoting them.

Also, if you are doing targeted (better) promotions, it takes even more time and makes it more probable to make small mistakes in targeting and budgets. 

Automatic post boosts let you precisely manage your monthly budgets

Since the automated campaign has a daily budget and all active ads that are being promoted at any given time are being put in the same adset, they all have one overall daily budget. 

This means that if you have a 20€/day budget and on a given day you publish 5 posts, this budget is split between these posts (not evenly though, since facebook tries to optimize ads in an adset on its end). The same happens wether you publish 1 or 22 posts – your daily budget doesn’t change and you can be sure than on 30 day period you won’t spend more than 30 times 20€ – 600€. 

Automatic campaign eliminates mistakes and makes campaigns better

Since you set it once and then it always follows the rules, automatic campaign will always have the correct settings for audiences, budgets and other targeting settings. 

We’re also making campaigns better – Adyeet’s automatic campaign settings allow for more specific settings than the generic post boost option. 



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